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True's Fandom
July 16, 2018: In Memory of Trevor
Posted by True Fan

For those of you who weren't aware, my grandson Trevor was abducted on May 1 of this year. The end of this saga was tragic for our family. I wanted to create something in his memory to help in some way for others to possibly avoid this happening to them or someone they love.

I went to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children's site and set up a fundraiser campaign in Trevor's Name.... Here's the link.

All donations go directly to the Centers. All donations go directly to the NCMEC.


Thank You,


The Story Lover's Home
July 15, 2018: Two Million Total Views!!
Posted by The Story Lover

Dear Readers,

As of 12:52  PM PDT this afternoon we hit the Two Million Total View Mark 2,000,000 Total View Count

We accomplished that amazing feat after only One Year, Two Months, and One Day. Thank you very much to everyone that has visited the site and contributed stories and or poems to the site. Without your contributions, this awesome day would not have been possible!

Now on to Three Million!

Happy Reading,



The Annex
July 15, 2018: Chapter Alert!
Posted by Brynmor

Surprise! I know the weekend is Almost Up.

Beginnings - Chapter 2: Pain and Loss - Brynmor

PS, I want to thank our Chief Editor for all the Hard Work!

Thanks for everything you do to keep our sites running!


The Padded Room
July 15, 2018: New Chapter
Posted by Str8mayb

Str8mayb has posted Chapter 8 of twins.  Very stormy in more ways than one.  Read and enjoy.

The Annex
July 15, 2018: Weekend Update
Posted by Brynmor

This weekend brings us two chapters of:

Kuragari129 - Life of a Phoenix

Please everyone have a read and reach out to Kuragari129 and express how you are enjoying the story!



The Story Lover's Home
July 14, 2018: Story Recap
Posted by Aquenon

Dear Readers,
Thank you to TSL for covering for me this past week.  We have a few new chapters, 2 completed stories, some reference posts, and a special short story.

Zarek Dragon posts some reference material for Another Chance IV: Still Another Chance as well as Chapter 3: "New Help" from TBD.

Jeff P. deals with child abuse and its lasting effects in his short story Just Me.

Sean E. delivers Chapter 11: "What Real Families Are Made Of (Part I)" from When Shadows Pass.

Garret D.M. brings us Chapter 2: "What Now" from Boise ID.

Wayne Gray wraps up Camp Refuge with the final chapter as well as some reference material.

Maxieplus continues Ayden's Eyes II with Chapter 76.

Shadow Assassin gives us Chapter 6: "In the Shadow of Betrayal" from The First Shadow Assassin.

Snowblind completes Jared the Paramedic II: The Family Gathers with the Epilogue: "The Wedding".

Lindon Weztser returns with Chapter 21: "Gabriel" from Lincoln: The Family I Never Expected.

And DouglasDD brings us Chapter 40: "A Common Purpose" from The Puget Posse.

Please remember to email the authors, it is the only payment they receive and encourages them to write more.   Until next time...

The Annex
July 12, 2018: A Week in Review!
Posted by Brynmor

Good Afternoon Everyone, 

This week brought us the following updates:

Boudreaux - Dear Diary - "Chapter 32"

To Paraphrase what I have heard about Chapter 32 "Humdinger Ahead, readers beware"

Reference Images - Book 4 Another Chance: Still Another Chance - Zarek Dragon

The lastest chapter in Naruto's Revenge:

"Chapter 8: Gaara" - Naruto's Revenge - Silver Wolf

Please, take a moment and reach out to our authors and let them know exactly what their story means to you!



The Story Lover's Home
July 12, 2018: Refugee - review
Posted by William King


Refugee by William King.

A poignant, gritty adventure detailing the harrowing escape of a pair of teens from their war torn home, seeking safety and freedom from bombs and rubble, and from predators preying on innocence. Along the way a colorful cast of characters contributes love, hope, and assistance at timely moments as heroes and heroines appear and disappear. Decisions made have consequences, sometimes dire, as the odyssey unfolds across several countries. Often uncomfortable, more often inspiring, this well written tale twists and turns amidst ever stronger bonds of friendship and love. Well done Mr. King. Thank you for your efforts to see this one through.


Mahouser,  May 2018


You can read the book here on the story lover... 》》》》

AC's Corner Cafe
July 11, 2018: Update
Posted by Lindon Weztser

Hey everyone!

First and foremost!! Thank you for waiting so patiently for the release of 21! However, I'm still away on a break but slowly starting to get back into writing... which means I will not be on a regular update schedule yet. Ch.21 is now availble to read, and it is a long chapter!
Hope you all enoy it, and thank you so much for the support! I always enjoy hearing from you!
Lindon Weztser
The Story Lover's Home
July 11, 2018: Jared the Paramedic II: The Family Gathers is complete
Posted by Aquenon

Dear Readers,

I have just posted the epilogue of Snowblind's "Jared the Paramedic II: The Family Gathers".  The story is now complete.  I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed editing it.


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